Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Ryan Coogler Considering 'Women of Wakanda' Spin-Off of 'Black Panther.'

Ryan Coogler Considering 'Women of Wakanda' Spin-Off of 'Black Panther.'

Women of Wakanda forever!

Coogler also cited the likes of Lamar, DuVernay and Donald Glover's "Atlanta" for pushing him, indirectly, on "Black Panther". The film, which was released in February, broke box office records and made a serious and important statement about representation in the movies. He also showed interest in creating a female-oriented spinoff. He's been praying for this day.

Before the film premiered, many were raising money to take their students to see the movie; even Ellen Degeneres joined in and donated money so kids from Harlem's Boys & Girls Club could go. "Oh man, that would be awesome if the opportunity came up", Coogler said.

"I think you could argue they are more important", Ryan expressed at the event. Without Nakia, Okoye, Shuri, and the Dora Milaje, King T'challa wouldn't be shit. What was one of Coogler's favorite parts of the film?

One of those parts, he said, was (spoiler alert) after the death of T'Challa when just the women were making all the moves.

'You feel like you're watching something fresh and new. That part of it was exciting. "[These actresses] could easily carry their own movie". Let's be real: it's the women who steal all of the scenes in the film. Especially women of color. Marvel and Disney benefited from a $2.3 million rebate via the Korean Film Council's incentives program, plus a wave of media attention in the world's fifth-largest theatrical market. When asked about doing a spin-off Coogler was ecstatic.

Oh man. That would be incredible if the opportunity came up. "They did it in the comic-book version", he replied, according to Variety. No pressure Marvel and Disney.

Now you just need the rest of Wakanda to get on board.

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