Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Rescued California Children Were Allegedly Waterboarded And Shot With Crossbows

Rescued California Children Were Allegedly Waterboarded And Shot With Crossbows

Immediately afterward, Ina Rogers of Fairfield was taken into custody because she couldn't afford the $498,000 bail. Still, Rogers, while she was out on bail for her initial charges of child neglect earlier this week, gave reporters an open-house tour of what she insisted was a loving if unconventional home.

The document says the children have "varying forms of scars" due to continuing abuse.

It's unclear whether any California government agencies had an opportunity to intervene sooner or knew of turmoil in the household.

The allegations were part of prosecutors' attempt to have the children's mother Ina Rogers' bail increased after she was charged with nine counts of felony child abuse on Wednesday.

Rogers told reporters that she had one prior interaction with child welfare officials when her mother "had mentioned something" that prompted a home visit.

"Nothing was founded, my kids were placed back with me", she said.

The 10 children had been continuously "punched, strangled, bitten, shot with weapons such as crossbows and BB guns, hit with weapons such as sticks and bats, subjected to "waterboarding" and having scalding water poured on them," according to the prosecutors' motion, cited by AFP.

Solano County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry described being "horrified" by the children's account of torture that appeared to have been inflicted "for sadistic purposes".

DA says Fairfield kids waterboarded, shot with crossbowsThirty-year-old Ina Rogers has publicly called herself an incredible mother, but she was booked into the Solano County Jail on nine felony counts of child abuse on top of a previous child endangerment charge. He has pleaded not guilty and remains in Solano County Jail on $5.2 million bail.

Allen denied the allegations in an interview from jail on Tuesday, declaring "I am not an animal".

Rescued California Children Were Allegedly Waterboarded And Shot With Crossbows
Rescued California Children Were Allegedly Waterboarded And Shot With Crossbows

"It was a functioning household everyone helped everyone", Allen said.

The authorities' involvement began March 31 when Fairfield police were called to find a missing 12-year-old child.

They found a home filled with rotted food and human and animal waste, said Fairfield Lt. Greg Hurlbut. The children range in age from 4 months to 12 years old.

She also faces one count of child neglect involving all 10 children.

Stories about alleged abuse dating back years came out gradually in interviews with the children over the past six weeks, authorities said.

Police arrested Northern California parents, Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen, and removed their 10 children, after finding garbage and feces covering the house. Parents who teach their own children are required to register with the state, but the state does not approve, monitor or inspect them.

Deputy District Attorney Veronica Juarez wrote that Rogers assisted in the abuse of the children by her husband, Jonathan Allen. She said her daughter failed to get on the school bus on her first day of kindergarten and was later found talking to a stranger and his dog at the school, she said.

"I want to tell them that I love them". "So I said, "OK how am I going to do this with all these kids?" "They had normal lives except for being in homeschool".

Authorities had earlier described the abuse of the children as having a "sadistic goal", but they did not elaborate, the network reported.

She was taken into custody after Wednesday's hearing. The police discovered him sleeping under a bush, which triggered suspicions and later led to a chilling discovery that an idyllic-looking two-story house in a suburb was, in fact, a house of horrors. The home's other rooms were used as a master bedroom, playroom and meditation room. "She has other motives and has conjured up these ideas of torture", Rogers said.

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