Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Announced

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Announced

New net physics, celebrations and crowd animations will all contribute to the satisfaction of landing one in the onion bag.

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be released on August 28 in the United States and August 30 in Europe this year, while it also posted a teaser trailer that features David Beckham.

There will be not one but THREE versions of PES 2019; Standard, David Beckham and legend edition.

For the time being, keep reading for a mini breakdown of the games core new features.

Among the new features detailed by Konami are visible player fatigue on the pitch, improved ball physics and player positioning, and greater player individuality. As for the graphics department, the Enlighten software has enabled the game to showcase true-to-life visual effects across all platforms.

"Our number one desire is to give the fans more of what they want and delivering it sooner than ever before".

MyClub will also get some changes to it including new player card designs, high performance players, legends, and players of the week.

Numerous new details have been released about the game like it contains "more fully licensed leagues and stadium" along with more licensed partnerships.

PES 2019 also introduces myClub, which seems to be the series attempt at cashing in on the success of FIFA Ultimate Team. Konami said it's also continuing its partnership with the International Champions Cup (ICC). Elements of the ICC will be implemented into Master League, which will also include a new negotiation system, living menus and realistic transfers, elevating the mode to new heights.

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