Published: Tue, May 22, 2018
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Pompeo declares United States will 'crush' Iran allies

Pompeo declares United States will 'crush' Iran allies

As the Associated Press reported, "Taken together, the demands would constitute a wholesale transformation by Iran's government, and they hardened the perception that what Trump's administration really seeks is a change in the Iranian regime".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded Iran makes sweeping changes, warning the regime that US sanctions would "only grow more painful" if they do not change their ways.

In his first major foreign policy address since moving to the State Department from the Central Intelligence Agency, the longtime Iran hawk and ardent opponent of the 2015 nuclear pact outlined an aggressive series of moves created to counter Tehran, which he called the world's top sponsor of terror.

In a speech he said: "These will be the strongest sanctions in history by the time we are done". Iran is spreading aggressively throughout the Middle East.

President Donald Trump's decision to ditch the Iranian nuclear deal was supposed to terrify Tehran into surrendering its nuclear program and cleaning up its behavior around the region. Tension between the two countries has grown notably since Trump this month withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement aimed at preventing Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Rouhani told Iranian state media. "Iran will be forced to make a choice: either fight to keep its economy off life support at home or keep squandering precious wealth on fights overseas".

Iran's foreign minister denounced Pompeo's speech as a "diplomacy sham" while President Hassan Rouhani said the USA was no longer in a position could not decide for Iran. "The Iranian people will get to make a choice about their leadership".

"I want the Australians, the Bahrainians, the Egyptians, the Indians, the Japanese, the Jordanians, the Kuwaitis, the Omanis, the Qataris, the Saudi Arabians, the South Koreans, the UAE, and many, many others worldwide to join in this effort against the Islamic Republic of Iran", Pompeo said.

"That a man who has spent years working in a spying center, now - in the shoes of the foreign minister of the USA - wants to makes decisions for Iran and other countries is in no way acceptable", Rouhani said, according to the Iranian Students News Agency. He said the U.S. would take "all necessary steps" to contain Iran, but declined to provide specifics.

"It took a decade for the West to get the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action".

(L-R) European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson pose for a photo during a meeting of the foreign ministers from Britain, France and Germany with the Iran Foreign Minister and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, at the Europa building in Brussels, May 15, 2018. You know, the deal gives Iran sanctions relief in exchange for limits to Iran's nuclear program.

The speech came roughly two weeks after President Trump announced he was withdrawing the US from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions that were lifted as part of the accord.

Mr Pompeo said that if Iran were to abide by the stricter terms, including ending its ballistic missile programme and its interventions in regional conflicts from Yemen to Syria, the United States would lift its sanctions. He said on Monday that economic pressure on Iran needs to impact a wide array of actors in order to be effective.

"If you try to pull all of those into a giant negotiation, a new jumbo Iran negotiation, a new treaty". "We believe that it's only policy that can ultimately guarantee peace".

Last year, trade between the bloc and Iran totalled over 20bn euro ($23.5bn), with most exports being machinery and transport goods and the majority of imports being energy-related products.

Pompeo listed 12 demands that the United States has for Iran, including ending to Iranian military support to the Houthi in Yemen, withdrawing all Iranian forces in Syria; and respecting Iraq's sovereignty and permitting the Iraqi government to disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate Shia militias.

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