Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
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Pakistan Prevents US Diplomat From Leaving the Country

Pakistan Prevents US Diplomat From Leaving the Country

A day earlier, an Islamabad court had ruled his diplomatic immunity may not apply in the April 7 traffic accident in which the U.S. attache's vehicle hit a motorcycle, killing the 22-year-old driver, both papers reported. Later, the C-130 returned to Afghanistan without the "killer" diplomat.

Any way credit goes to the Federal Investigation Agency officials who foiled Col Joseph bid to leave the country and it must also be investigated as to why and for what goal the U.S. military plane was allowed to land at the airbase. At the very least, if Washington can not waive the diplomatic immunity to enable him to be prosecuted in Pakistan, Islamabad wants a commitment that he will be tried in the USA courts after he returns to America.

The US embassy has also reportedly handed over passport of the diplomat to FIA immigration officials, who are awaiting orders from the top authorities for further action.

Sources said that the United States diplomat wasn't present at the airbase but would reach there after being allowed to leave the country.

As a result, a US Air Force C130 flown in to Pakistan's Nur Khan air base outside Islamabad was forced to leave without him on Friday, Geo TV and the two newspapers reported.

The court directed Interior Ministry for putting United States diplomat Colonel Joseph's name in the Exit Control List (ECL) in case pertaining to killing a youth in road accident.

Since President Donald Trump took office last January, US-Pakistan relations have soured considerably, with the administration cutting $1.3 billion in annual aid to Islamabad for security purposes.

"We are in regular communication with our Pakistani counterparts".

'This is a development that could well develop into a full-blown crisis for relations if it's not resolved soon, ' said South Asia expert at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington Michael Kugelman.

Separately, Pakistan's foreign ministry said it would apply travel restrictions to all US diplomatic staff similar to those applied by Washington, according to a notification sent to the US Embassy on Friday and obtained by Reuters.

His father had approached the Islamabad High Court to stop the diplomat from leaving the country.

'My son will never come back and we will consult with our relatives and village community before negotiating the agreement.

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