Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Original Iron Man suit worth $320000 missing in burglary case

Original Iron Man suit worth $320000 missing in burglary case

Someone in Los Angeles is stealing from superheroes. Unfortunately, that very suit is reportedly missing from the Pacoima, California movie prop storage facility in which it was being stored.

CBS2 reports the costume, valued at $320,000, was last seen by the facility's owners in February. "It is considered a burglary", said Montgomery.

Los Angeles police Christopher No claimed Wednesday a police record had been submitted Tuesday which the suit's estimated worth is £325,000.

According to CBS2, the storage facility is "extremely secretive", which of course raises questions about how anyone would know that any movie props, let alone any as valuable as the Iron Man costume, are kept there.

While Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War continues to rake in the box office cash, something close to the MCU's core recently disappeared without the help of Thanos or his gauntlet-empowered snaps.

Marvel's original Iron Man was directed by Jon Favreau and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Actor Robert Downey Jr. first wore the red and gold costume in the 2008 film.

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