Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
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Offset Hospitalized After Car Crash!

Offset Hospitalized After Car Crash!

According to recent reports, rapper Offset, who is also rapper Cardi B's fiancée, with whom he is expecting a baby, was hospitalized after being involved in a serious vehicle crash on Wednesday night. He has reportedly been released. According to law enforcement, no cops or emergency medical workers were called to the crash scene, and no accident report was taken.

In a photo obtained by, the vehicle can be seen on the bed of a tow truck that was parked in a gas station.

The rapper got "banged up" and his 'muscle auto was totally destroyed, ' according to sources.

Last month, Cardi B revealed her pregnancy when she performed on "Saturday Night Live" donning a skin-tight white dress with long sleeves. The very few friends I have in the music and entertainment industry tell me that it's not just her "act".

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After recordings of the beat-down turned into a web sensation, Bardi wrote in a since-erased tweet: "On the off chance that you check my label pics I take a great deal of pics with fans".

She said: "Oh, she wants to fight me!" They met in February 2017 by chance in New York City even though they had worked on a duet together, Lick, in 2016. She do! She do weigh three and a half pounds. "That's pretty good for seven months, right?" she asked, looking around. "Because I was born five pounds". It was towed away from the scene. The rumors, she added, put strain on her.

"When Mr. Arnold repeated his request, Cardi B turned to Plaintiff and threatened to 'slap the s*** outta him.' Defendant Offset then directed Mr. Arnold to 'shut up, bro, before a n**** beat you out here".

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