Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Nintendo's new Switch charging dock makes tabletop gaming easier

Nintendo's new Switch charging dock makes tabletop gaming easier

Nintendo just announced the release of an official Adjustable Charging Stand for the Nintendo Switch.

It'll come at a suggested retail price of $19.99, and it allows for the Nintendo Switch system to charge while in Tabletop mode with an AC adapter port on the side.

Not only will you be able to move the kickstand to find the best viewing angle based on your environment, you won't have to worry about ruining the cords as well. However the dock isn't as useful because what if you wanted to play using the console's screen instead of your TV? There are a variety of ways in which classic games from Nintendo and other publishers are made available on Nintendo Switch, such as through Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo eShop or as packaged collections. Nintendo Switch online support will provide you various benefits such as free NES games and the most requested feature which will provide you the capability to backup your files into the cloud called cloud conserves but there is a catch for this. As if the Switch wasn't cumbersome enough to play already, without adding an extra electronic device to the mix... I have my doubts, as well as fears that an emphasis on online will omit games not worth it for Nintendo to "mod", meaning those classics will never see the light of day on the Switch. The company also warned that these accessories might not be compatible with all their systems and games.

The best gaming accessories are those that solve a real problem or improve upon the original product in a meaningful way. There are licensed 3rd party solutions out there as well which are pretty similar too. And it has two kickstand feet to keep the console upright.

The Nintendo Switch library of games still doesn't have a shortage of retro game, mostly in the form of collections such as the "Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection", coming out May 29th, 2018. The game, which should be out later this year, would help push the sales up further. Last month, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC called out Nintendo along with Microsoft, Sony for illegally voiding people's warranties when they tried to fix game consoles.

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