Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Minecraft Cross-Platform Patch, Physical Version For Switch Launch June 21

Minecraft Cross-Platform Patch, Physical Version For Switch Launch June 21

Nintendo Switch Edition has been a big hit as expected and a much-anticipated update is about to hit the game.

Now, after a long delay, the Nintendo Swith will finally be getting a new cross-platform enabled Bedrock Edition of the game in June.

This update will allow cross-platform play with Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android version of Minecraft excluding PS4 because it doesn't have the update yet.

Today, Microsoft announced that cross-play is coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft on June 21st as part of the Bedrock Update for every platform except PlayStation 4. Will you be playing this updated version of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch? In addition, Minecraft will support the Nintendo Switch Online paid membership when it launches in September, as well as Xbox Live achievements and Gamerscore.

The update has already made it's way onto the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. Up until now Minecraft on Switch has been its own unique port of the game, and as such would be locked out from future updates until it was updated. Players will be able to make purchases safely and securely with MINECOINs, and all purchases can be enjoyed across every platform on which the Minecraft Marketplace is available. "With previously released content like the Super Mario Mash-Up included, players everywhere can experience what it's like when Minecraft meets the Mushroom Kingdom!"

As Nintendo Switch Edition was digital exclusive, offering the new version to existing owners shouldn't be too complicated. Minecraft Marketplace was introduced to other versions of the game a year ago, and includes "cool community creations" like skins, textures packs, and maps.

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