Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

Mets bat out of order, lose in 10th to Reds, 2-1

Mets bat out of order, lose in 10th to Reds, 2-1

It was the eighth loss in nine games for NY, who have lost 16 of 23 games since starting the season 11-1.

During Wednesday afternoon's series finale with the Cincinnati Reds (GameTracker), the Mets hit a new low with a Little League mistake. They have always found a way to bat in the correct order though.

Cabrera's first official plate appearance in the third inning resulted in the Mets' only run, with his grounder scoring Brandon Nimmo, who led off the inning with a triple. Asdrubal Cabrera came up next - following the batting order announced pregame - and doubled to left.

Cabrera was supposed to hit second in the inning rather than third, and the inning abruptly ended when Cincinnati manager Jim Riggleman brought this to the umpires' attention.

After the game opened with back-to-back outs, Asdrubal Cabrera stepped to the plate and smacked a double, only to be ruled out for batting out of order.

Cabrera doubled. The double counts!

Wilmer Flores batted second and struck out against Sal Romano for the second out of the inning.

Jay Bruce, the next batter in the Mets' lineup, was ruled automatically out (ESPN says that the official scorebook has Bruce out as a 2-unassisted, and Cabrera isn't credited with the hit in the box score). The handwritten one in the Mets dugout - as well as the one posted in the NY clubhouse before the game - had Flores ahead of Cabrera.

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