Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Lewis Hamilton wants Racier Tires from Pirelli

Lewis Hamilton wants Racier Tires from Pirelli

Sebastian Vettel could finish only fourth as the Mercedes driver extended his Formula One lead to 17 points, though he and his team chief, Toto Wolff, warned they would not expect to enjoy such superiority at the next grand prix in Monaco. Vettel finished fourth on a frustrating weekend for Ferrari. "That is encouraging for me because I have been racing a long time - to still have that feeling when you win and that happiness". The teams for the change, including Ferrari and Mercedes, feel that the research that's been done by the new technical team at F1 headed by Ross Brawn justifies the modifications.

In fact, Vettel sang the same "tyre tune" pre and post racing, indicating that tyres were the "biggest change" for Ferrari despite a number of other upgrades on their auto. 'There's a nice story and a nice harmony there, but when I was told, being a relatively new Brit, that the weather is sub-optimal in April, they warded me off that quickly.' The honour of the 1,000th race will fall to the desperately soulless Shanghai International Circuit in China instead.

"It's good to have the test to be able to compare and I think we have some ideas".

"But when we saw the tyres were holding up better than expected, we changed our strategy".

The second point of criticism came from the other drivers who voiced their criticism about the current Pirelli tyres too. That stint alone should make Ferrari and Vettel a bit anxious when looking at how they're going to get back in front in this World Championship battle.

"Today, the vehicle and myself, I felt that synergy today, which I hadn't been feeling for the whole year", he said immediately after pulling up in parc ferme. Grosjean sought out a psychologist and became a more rounded driver, but this year has seen a return to his former self. That's why everyone struggles.

"I never believed we can do a one-stop", he said.

Valtteri Bottas was celebrating second place on the podium this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix. Ferrari brought in Vettel for a tyre change. The only glitch for Mercedes was when Sebastian Vettel managed to slipstream past Bottas for second place into turn 1.

Raikkonen further explained, "Sometimes it works for one team better than others".

The more rubber on the tyre, the more heat it retains - and without the normal level of wear the surface of the tyre was getting so hot through Barcelona's high-speed corners that it started to blister.

"I remember like it was yesterday sitting at home playing this computer game as Michael", Hamilton said. He wished that Pirelli offered a bigger spread between the different tyre compounds - one that would probably make the races more interesting.

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