Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Lenovo Teased a NEW Full Screen Smartphone without Notch on June 14

Lenovo Teased a NEW Full Screen Smartphone without Notch on June 14

The full-screen display phone is somewhat confirmed when the Lenovo executive Chang Cheng asked about the audience's preference for screen ratio: 80-84%, 85-89%, or 90-94%. Big and small brands alike nearly all handset manufacturers have a device that offer display with no-screen bezels.

Lenovo is teasing a new smartphone with "full-screen display" which the company is expected to launch in the months to come.

The smartphone industry has rapidly jumped on the bezel-less and tall display bandwagon this year by copying the iPhone X and it appears that Chinese tech company Lenovo will soon put out a device that will put iPhone X to shame now. Cheng has posted a teaser image along with a question poll asking fans to guess the screen-to-body ratio of the phone, with the highest option being 95 percent and more. The trend this year seems to be toward the display notch as well. In addition, the teaser picture also reveals that Lenovo may launch the "unnamed" bezel-less phone on June 14.

Moreover, VP Chang Cheng also clarified in the Weibo post that the upcoming device will break the 95 percent screen to body ratio barrier and will be a true full screen smartphone featuring no side and upper bezels. From the looks of it, Lenovo might have the gone the Xiaomi route with this by making the bottom bezel a bit thicker and house the front-facing camera in it. Meanwhile, a GizmoChina report claims that the Lenovo-made smartphone might have a retracting front camera.

Lenovo has the Motorola group mainly for the smartphones and Moto Mods but the company is still in the business of phones.

Since the image does not reveal the bottom bezel, we can not ascertain whether it will house the camera at the bottom bezel or if the phone is actually truly-bezel-less like the Vivo Apex.

The post also reveals details about the launch of the device, which is scheduled for June 14.

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