Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Kristen Stewart ditches high heels to go barefoot at Cannes

Kristen Stewart ditches high heels to go barefoot at Cannes

During a roundtable conversation for Stewart's collaboration with Woody Allen, Café Society, Indiewire's Anne Thompson asked Stewart about her switch from flats earlier in the day to heels for the red-carpet premiere on Wednesday night. The red carpets of Cannes may be known for their outlandish fashions, but this year comfort trumps all, just ask Kristen Stewart.

After striking a pose for the cameras on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival Monday, Kristen Stewart made a sudden rebellious move: The actress ditched her black Christian Louboutin pumps and climbed the staircase barefoot.

Stewart was attending the premiere of Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, which stars Corey Hawkins and Topher Grace. Taking them off before heading up the stairs at Palais des Festivals she provided the event with a moment of reality amidst the festival's fantasy.

She told the Hollywood Reporter: 'There's definitely a distinct dress code.

Stewart has already made history at the festival this year by serving on the first female dominated Cannes jury in decades. You can not come in.' Then (I'm going to say), 'Neither is my friend. Does he have to wear heels?' It can work both ways.

"Heelgate" kicked off in 2015, when a group of women wearing flats were banned from a screening of "Carol"; the festival insisted heels were obligatory for women at red-carpet screenings, sparking some pointed responses from actresses.

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