Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Japanese game company SNK announces the retro-game Neo Geo mini

Japanese game company SNK announces the retro-game Neo Geo mini

The Neo Geo Mini isn't SNK's first attempt at relaunching the device, following the release of the Neo Geo X in 2012 - a convertible handheld console, launched before Nintendo unveiled its Switch boasting a similar design, which suffered from a poor-quality display and questionable emulation and was not a success.

The Neo Geo Mini is 135 millimeters wide, 108 millimeters deep, 162 millimeters in height, and weighs 600 grams. Namely, an HDMI port and two external controller ports - allowing it to connect to your tv and support local multiplayer - along with a headphone jack. Granted, it doesn't seem like it will play any new games, but its still the most significant piece of hardware the company has released in quite some time.

SNK doesn't say what titles will come with the palm-sized console, but gamers have an idea thanks to YouTuber Spawn Wave, who posted a video full of leaks from an anonymous source last week. We even had pictures and a list of said games to boot. Those consoles were in arcades all around the world and were notable for having multiple games inside for people to play. Based on the promo images, they including Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, and King of Fighters. The overseas version will be a simple and modern design in black, white and blue.

SNK will sell two versions of the Neo Geo Mini: a red, white, and blue version for Japan, then a blue, white and black for North America plus other regions.

Software-wise, though, SNK should have no trouble finding enough games to populate the promised roster of 40 titles. It also ships with a power supply cable (AC adapter not included). It's created to be played in your hands, but can also be hooked up to a TV or monitor via HDMI cable.

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