Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Medicine | By Douglas Stevenson

India police parade 'Nasa conmen' in space suits

India police parade 'Nasa conmen' in space suits

As per the reports, the alleged victims told the businessman that they have a special copper plate that was struck by the lightning bolt giving it special ability to attract grain of rice. Later, he started looking for new avenues of easy income and he started cheating people on pretext of buying rare and antique object like magic mirror, rice puller, dual headed snakes, Naagmani etc. The accused lured the victim saying their company could arrange the sale of RP (rice puller) to space agencies at a cost of Rs 37,500 crores after scientists test the machine's genuineness.

The men allegedly convinced the businessman to buy a copper plate for a hefty sum, which they claimed had "special properties" and could be sold to NASA for a huge profit.

Once the complaint was lodged, the police arrested the Brar duo who deals in antique/rare metals.

The arrested accused have been identified as Tapeshwar Tyagi, 53, who posed as coordinator of a France-based company, and Deepak Tiwari, 36, a graphic designer who contacted ex Subedar Major Balraj Singh Parmar who was conned, said Ravindra Yadav, Joint Commissioner (Crime).

They allegedly told their investor piece of metal could be sold to NASA and India's space agency for around US$5.5 billion ($7.4 billion), BBC reported.

Virender also told the complainant that they would pay Rs 10 crore immediately on the spot as token money if the test was found OK.

Further investigation revealed that the "rice puller" is a "non-existent thing", but the conmen apparently coated the copper plate with "liquid magnet" and small iron wires to try to fool the victim.

The testing of the RP was scheduled in Hapur but could not happen as the accused persons made an excuse that the place was not conducive and after that the said testing was delayed by them on one or another pretext.

The victim then signed an agreement with Brar and Mohan and paid an additional Rs 51 lakh so that the tests and other requirements could be completed.

Later on, the victim came to know that the said "scientist" is working with the accused persons for a salary of Rs 20,000 only.

The cheats tell their victims that the RP will be purchased by NASA/DRDO for thousands of crores but the organizations will test it before purchasing.

Narender then complained about the matter to the police after which the duo was arrested.

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