Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Huawei Phones to Offer Easy Access to Bitcoin Wallets

Huawei Phones to Offer Easy Access to Bitcoin Wallets

Huawei, which is the third largest smartphone ‎manufacturer in the world, has announced a partnership with ‎ which will allow users to download Bitcoin wallets through ‎its own app store - AppGallery.‎.

The AppGallery is pre-installed on all new smartphones of Huawei and Honor (another Huawei brand), and will be launched on older devices in the upcoming months, de la Torre said.

Chinese telecommunications firm and smartphone maker Huawei is partnering with BTC to roll out a mobile cryptocurrency app for the tech giant's newly launched app store.

"It's a good opportunity to tap into the Chinese market", de la Torre said in a telephone interview.

Through the company's own mobile application store, known as AppGallery, Huawei customers will be able to access's bitcoin wallet, which they can use to send, receive, and store the cryptocurrency.

A joint censorship effort between the Chinese government and telecom companies has blocked the Google App Store to Android mobile users amid what's been dubbed "China's great firewall", making it hard for many Chinese residents to access mobile cryptocurrency wallets. Huawei's Plans for Blockchain IntegrationRelated Story: Is Huawei Getting Ready to Develop a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone?

It assists users in making the most out of digital currencies by providing secure online tools. is the first bitcoin wallet accepted into Huawei's recently-launched app store. And while China has banned Initial Coin Offerings and ordered the shutting down of digital currency trading platforms, there is no law barring citizens from owning crypto coins. Since launching the block explorer in 2015, has been at the vanguard of Bitcoin data analytics and software development In 2016, led the industry in innovation with the release of an open-source mining pool and wallet, which today play key roles in driving and maintaining Bitcoin's decentralized ecosystem. The company's bitcoin wallet also supports bitcoin cash (BCH). The Chinese conglomerate is also planning to come out with a mobile phone that will target blockchain-based applications.

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