Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

How to turn on YouTube's reminders to stop watching videos

YouTube has a new feature in its Android app that gives you subtle reminders to take a break from watching videos if you're wasting the day away on the app, and this is how you can turn it on.

This "take a break" feature does exactly what it sounds like.

Google had previously designed YouTube to be addictive, adding autoplay video, including a scrolling playlist of similar videos just so users would spend that extra minute on its video service.

After you have selected the topic, YouTube will show you a notification to take a break from watching videos. If users chose to try out this feature, they can continue to watch movies, but will get reminders to take some time off. Consumers are free to ignore this reminder and keep watching.

The option is now live and you can set a reminder on YouTube app. A user can now see daily average video surfing time, the amount of time spent watching YouTube on the current day, yesterday along with the insight on the same for past seven days.

Go to: Settings General Remind me to take a break. If you think YouTube is wasting too much of your time, you can decide a time and set the reminder. What we could suggest is, wait for a couple of more days. As always, Google is releasing incremental Play Store updates every week with enhanced system stability, and it gets more refined with every update. The app is available on Android, iOS and the web, and anyone is able to use it, all you need is a Google account to sign in.

As a part of Google's 'Digital Wellbeing' initiative which the company announced with Android P, this app is first of its kind to receive a feature like this. It will reach to your region very soon.

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