Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

How to install Android P on your phone now

How to install Android P on your phone now

Aside from that, the Google Assistant will also sport a new feature that will enable users to ask multiple questions within the same request.

Through the lens feature the company has sharpened and refined the "smart" magnifying glass technology in the past year.

App Actions is an AI powered predictive feature that predicts what you are about to do only our phone.

Google's "Pretty Please" feature will teach kids some manners when parents have no idea how to stop them from being jerks.

We have accept the fact that the new Android P update is there only for the flagship phones from various tech giants.

Adaptive Brightness feature of Android P will change the screen's brightness using AI to improve your battery performance.

Pichai also launched an overhaul of Google News that put AI to work finding trusted sources for stories and balancing perspectives to provide fuller pictures of breaking developments. On your behalf, Google Assistant will make an appointment. The new Android will help users to identify and manage apps with Android Vitals to detect battery-draining app behaviours.

Android developers are encouraged to build more Actions for their apps and for the Assistant.

As you type, Smart Compose pops up suggestions about what you might want to write next - similar to Google autocomplete.

With Android P, Google is bringing a new Dashboard which will inform the user of how much time they are spending on their smartphone to enhance digital wellbeing. Hence, Google has introduced a new feature called "Continued Conversation" that eliminates the need of having to say the hotword while following up a query. You can swipe on this button to navigate through various items including the apps and more from your device. It will also let you order from participating restaurants or order an Uber.

There is also a new notification digest. From knowing whether it is the name of a book, how tall a building is, or what sort of dog is in front of you, it can identify things based on the computer vision technology. It can show you just how many times you unlock it (constantly), check in on social media without even thinking about it (obviously) and spend hours mindlessly watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Interestingly, to limit the use of the apps, you would be able to set timer for the same.

At I/O 2018, Google has started rolling out the first public beta for selected devices.

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