Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

GRAPHIC: Police officer suspended for rough treatment of 65-year-old woman

GRAPHIC: Police officer suspended for rough treatment of 65-year-old woman

An Atlanta-area police officer has been suspended after dash cam footage recorded him manhandling a 65-year-old grandmother during a traffic stop.

According to WSB-TV, "Police said another officer had ticketed Campbell for failing to maintain her lane, and she refused to sign the ticket, which resulted in the officer trying to take her to jail". An altercation between Campbell and the officer who pulled her over ensued after she refused to open her door and step out of the vehicle.

The footage starts with Campbell's silver SUV being pulled over by the side of the road, before Officer Michael Swerdlove approaches her to check her license and explain she had been ticketed for drifting from one lane to another.

Campbell said she doesn't want to interfere with police procedures or protocol; "I just want it to be handled correctly as to the measure of the law", she said.

"All I felt was his whole body over me and I could feel the weight over me, grabbing at my belt", she said. One officer, who screamed a profanity at her, has now resigned.

She then refused to open the auto door, prompting authorities, including Legg, to attempt to arrest her for disorderly conduct. "There are aspects of this video that...simply do not represent who we are as an organization".

Maybe I should not have used profanity, but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances. "I remind you that I did not make the traffic stop, did not begin the use of force, did respond with emergency equipment, did properly analyze the situation, did render the vehicle safe, did get the suspects attention and out of the auto, did effectively get her detached from the seatbelt and did get her handcuffed with limited force". As such, he arrested her for disorderly conduct as she held on to her seatbelt when she was being forced out of the auto.

The video shows Campbell screaming loudly as Legg continued to manhandle her. Campbell agreed to exit the vehicle, but was cursed at and had her arm yanked by Legg. During this particular stop, you will see that the driver became so upset that she struck the officer with the door of her vehicle.

'I just panicked, I felt like my heart exploded. She was screaming as officers put her hands behind her back and handcuffed her. "We're not going to try to hurt you, step out of the auto", Campbell is told at one point. "I didn't expect that in America".

"I do not feel I will get a fair internal affairs investigation from you due to the comments you made on Facebook prior to interviewing any of the other officers, or even me", he wrote to Robison.

When backup arrived, a second officer tried to help pull her out of the vehicle. Am I in a movie?

She requested a supervisor, who was immediately notified, the department said. "I don't like the issue of firing people", she said. I couldn't believe it.

"The ACLU of Georgia is calling on Alpharetta officials to convene a public meeting to hear and address immediately the community's concerns regarding the police department's use-of-force practices, policies, and training". I didn't expect that especially in Alpharetta.

As the situation escalated, Campbell said, she felt "violated".

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