Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Google previews what's next for Android Auto

Google previews what's next for Android Auto

Accordingly, Android P is introducing four new features: Dashboard, App Timer, Do Not Disturb (DND) and Wind Down. According to a report from Android Police, this device was created internally by the Android TV team as a test device, but, in order to become a consumer Google hardware product, Rick Osterloh's Google hardware team would need to be involved. We're told that you couldn't, say, skim through the entirety of your Google Play Music library on the touchscreen to find a song - the experience is limited to a couple of different interactions that are already enabled in Android Auto today. The objective, we're told, is so that developers who are interested in making apps targeting Android P can use the Mi Mix 2S as a relatively cheaper test device (at least, compared to the other flagships smartphones that were announced as a part of the program). You can also flick the same button quickly to jump straight to the last app you were using. Users will have to flash their smartphone with the beta build of Android P. Users can head over to Google's Android Beta Program page for specific instructions on how to flash the software version.

The iPhone X doesn't have a back button, but it does share some Gestures with the Android P beta.

At its developers conference this year, Google unveiled the much-anticipated mobile operating system, Android P, which will power the Pixel devices and other smartphones.

Google I/O 2018 is the recent development in the tech-savvy world.

Developer Preview 2 of Android P introduces an "enhanced" battery saver mode that shuts down nearly the same set of things, but introduces a new "power-efficient" watch face. Gone are the essential navigation buttons, instead, Android P will have gestures to move around in the UI. It is the follow-up to the ADT-1, the first ever Android TV box that was made specifically for developers to be used in testing applications. It's common to look at your smartphone and realize that all the apps you've left open have sucked away the battery life. That, combined with a refined DnD mode will help you achieve "better balance with technology", Google says.

In addition to the Google Lens update, Google announced a feature that can make business calls for users, called "Duplex". Just swipe your finger all the way up the screen to skip straight to your full list of apps.

Press the button at the bottom and the App Switcher will be swiped up.

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