Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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Google Duplex announcement highlights key differences between US and Chinese markets

Google Duplex announcement highlights key differences between US and Chinese markets

The latest Android P Developer Preview 2 packs tons of new features that were not part of the first developer preview that came out in March.

"Many of us feel tethered to our phones and worry about what we'll miss if we're not connected".

"There are important questions being raised about the impact of these advances and the role they'll play in our lives", he said.

"We know the path ahead needs to be navigated carefully and deliberately-and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to get this right".

DeepMind has worked with Google to decrease their energy use at data centers across the world and works on other AI-related projects as well.

However, for others, the new technology raises some ethical concerns.

Pichai did not directly address those concerns but returned repeatedly to the theme of responsible design throughout the show. Google's AI-based Assistant was the primary focus as the company announced many new features.

Google Maps will receive a new "for you" tab with personalized information from your neighborhoods. It's a very nice touch that's created to help us reduce the amount of time we spend on our devices. Phones using Android P will also learn how to set your screen brightness by studying your manual adjustments, a change from automatic adjustments based on ambient light levels. Users can select certain people whose calls will always break through the silence mode.

New setup feature will introduce an auto-fill option for username and password.

If a call does go off the rails, Duplex will inform the user, who can then take over the call, he said (Google has posted more technical details here). It is also supported by non-Pixel devices including OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Vivo X21 UD, Essential PH-1 and Sony Xperia XZ2.

To encourage children to maintain manners when using Google Assistant, the AI will also now compliment those who say "please" when making a request.

Wind DownThis feature is very similar to Apple's Night Mode on the iPhone. They are the new lifeblood that connects all of its hardware, whether it be smart displays, phones, or Android TV soundbars. Many are of the opinion that what Google has done and is still trying to do can simply be considered repugnant from a moral standpoint. This is exactly the kind of possibility shown during the I/O conference, Reuters reports.

But there was still a lot of whiz-bang technology. The new Assistant will now be naturally conversational, visually assistive, and helpful in getting things done.

Once you do this, the navigation bar at the bottom changes so that the Overview (multitasking) button is removed, the Back button is displayed only in apps, and the Home button becomes a more subtle "pill" shape.

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