Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Google Drive gets a new look to match Gmail's redesign

Google Drive gets a new look to match Gmail's redesign

By now you've probably worked out whether or not Google Drive is down for everyone or just you, but we've thrown in a third option - DownDetector - because one of the features we love about it is its live outage map (see the image at the top of this page).

Google Drive has used the company's Material Design aesthetic for quite some time, so the change isn't quite as dramatic as Gmail's - but hey, it's something.

Google has already started releasing the redesigned version of Google Drive.

Similar to Gmail's new looks, Drive goes for a brighter interface with rounded elements.

Google used to be well known for their lack of design skills, but over the years they have worked on improving the look of their services.

The new design makes Drive more "responsive and efficient", says Google, and it also feels "cohesive" with the rest of the G Suite apps, including Calendar and Gmail. The web app background is clear white instead of grey for a brighter experience.

The Settings and Help Center icon has also been moved. The new design will be first available for all the Google Suite users. However, if you are unable to see the changes just yet, don't worry as it will take almost three days for the feature to be visible completely. The company added a post on its G Suite Updates blog to detail all the changes that it has made in the Drive UI.

The button for creating a new document has been made larger and rounder to make it larger and easier to click (or tap, for touchscreens). In addition to the usual design changes, the company is also rolling out small changes in functionality.

Last month's Gmail revamp was a much-needed visual overhaul to Google's email service.

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