Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Google Assistant Will Make Restaurant Reservations, Adds New Controls

Google Assistant Will Make Restaurant Reservations, Adds New Controls

Speaking to the assembled multitudes at the IO conference Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed how the bot could call people up and book a hairdressers' appointment. A Google post gives the following example: "You can create a Custom Routine for family dinner, and kick it off by saying "Hey Google, dinner's ready" and the Assistant can turn on your favorite music, turn off the TV, and broadcast 'dinner time!' to everyone in the house'".

"Continued Conversations" will allow users to converse with Assistant more fluently, negating the need for "Hey Google" to be uttered before every single command. It is likely to be launched later this year.

Android P also includes a range of digital wellbeing tools, including a Dashboard to monitor how a user is spending time on their device and tweak habits as needed, while Do Not Disturb mode silences all calls and notifications - it can even be enabled automatically by turning a phone face down. For the first time Android P stops apps from gathering information on users when they are idle, including the likes of location, and network status, as well as access to the camera or microphone. It will have arrows floating above, pointing in the right direction. Application development is an area where Android application support hasn't done much to help Chrome OS catch up with mainstream desktop OSes like Windows and macOS.

In the previous beta, the low battery notification had advised users they have "around 45m left".

Google Photos When Google recognises a photo of someone who is one of your contacts, it can suggest sending the photo to that person. Greyscales aren't fun. It is, essentially, a black and white display. Google announced on Tuesday during its Google I/O 2018 event that it is adding Google Assistant to its famous maps app on iOS and Android.

App Actions can be found in various parts of the UI, including the most frequented section, app drawer. This new Google news feed will use reinforcement learning to learn from a user's behavior and usage patterns; and so as Google put it 'the more you use it, the better it gets'. However, you can use the Google Assistant to have the vehicle turn on the AC, adjust the temperature and much more. Gmail is getting an autocomplete feature that uses machine learning to offer suggestions for finishing half-completed sentences. According to a deep dive on Duplex published on Google's AI blog, in testing the system is handing off to human operators when conversations become too complex for it to handle on its own - though Google says it is able to conduct the majority of its tasks "fully autonomously" in its current state. The changes are coming in the next few months.

Alphabet CEO, John Krafcik, announce that Waymo will launch a full self-driving vehicle ride-hailing service later this year. For others it will indicate a slightly instinctive entry point that could make it more hard to pick up and utilize an Android phone for premiere time. "We know the path ahead needs to be navigated carefully and deliberately".

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