Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Google Android P developer beta opens to specific non-Pixel devices

Google Android P developer beta opens to specific non-Pixel devices

That kind of growth is incredible and if you create an Android app the right way, you can be hugely successful. The implementation of Project Treble also means that in the future more devices could be eligible to get Android P beta, though Google has not confirmed anything on this subject for now. You should be testing out Android P in no time. "So mobile developers building apps like Lose It!, a nutrition tracker, can easily deploy our text recognition model to scan nutritional information and ML Kit's custom model APIs to automatically classify over 200 different foods with your phone's camera". The UI will have a new Actions feature where the OS will give users suggestions around what they can do next with an app, which they might use more often.

I've been running the Android P developer preview 2 for a couple days now on my Pixel 2 XL and it seems to be running pretty smoothly.

The app displays the huge selection of featured ads that have already been posted by users and has the easy to tap pop up to new ads. Not only would you not have a yearly fee for a programmer (whereas iOS fees you a fixed fee annually), but in addition the SDK tools are free.

It's cheaper to develop your applications for Android. Redesigned with vertical, full-height app cards, the multitasking menu also loses the "Clear all" button. Including images and resources, coding and sound production at a bare minimum. You could, of course, pay more for marketing, ASO and other things to improve the odds for your success. A complex app might cost you around $20,000 to get outsourced for Android whereas, for iOS, you could be looking at much closer to $50,000 for the same app.

Other features include a new Dashboard that shows how the user is spending time on the device including time spent in apps, number of times the phone has been unlocked and more. The iOS alternative, however, runs on Macs only.

Android is the obvious victor for people searching for low first costs and high Expansion possible. As an Android app developer, you can monetize your app in several ways. Also, you'll enjoy greater freedom during the development and launch process. If you're testing the waters in program development, you really can not go wrong with Android.

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