Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

FBI Has Suspect in Damaging CIA Leak of Spying Code

FBI Has Suspect in Damaging CIA Leak of Spying Code

The search warrant application stated that Schulte, a former Central Intelligence Agency software engineer, was suspected of "distribution of national defense information". Prosecutors said in court last week they plan to file a new indictment in the next 45 days, according to the Times.

Schulte, according to his LinkedIn profile, worked as a systems engineer specializing in high-speed passive signals intelligence for the NSA in 2010.

Schulte worked at the agency as a software engineer who helped design malware used to break into the computers of terrorism suspects and other targets.

Schulte's apartment was raided previous year for his computer and notes, but authorities came up empty-handed as far as smoking gun evidence of leaking "Vault 7".

The leak, which was referred to as "Vault 7", was one of the largest in United States history, but in August, prosecutors separately charged Schulte with possession of child pornography - agents apparently found 10,000 images on a server he built as a business in 2009 while at university in Austin, Texas. Court documents show that his lawyers have requested updates on the potential national security angle to his case.

He is now jailed in Manhattan on unrelated charges of possessing, receiving and transporting child pornography, the Washington Post reported.

A criminal complaint filed against Mr. Schulte alleges he operated a website,, and an image hosted there revealed that he used the handle "pedbsktbll" as a user name on a dating website and for online games, Motherboard reported Wednesday. He denies those charges, saying the server the material was discovered on was available for use by as many as 100 other people. The NYT said that court papers quote messages that suggest Schulte knew of encrypted images on his computer showing children being molested by adults. Schulte created the server years ago.

Schulte was released on bail last September, contingent on his not using a computer. In December 2017, he was jailed after he violated these conditions. Prosectors have told the court that they are looking into Schulte's traffic on Tor, the so-called "dark web" portal, for more evidence of his alleged crimes, but at some point even that should either pan out or peter out.

"I am just scared to death", said Roger Schulte, Mr. Schulte's father, who lives in Lubbock, Tex. His attorneys have also denied he had any involvement in the Vault 7 leak.

According to the New York Times, Schulte's family spent most of their savings funding his legal fees. Kaplan argued that Schulte's roommate was actually accessing the account, but the government argued that such a course of action was still forbidden. He said that the investigation was continuing, and that it involved in part how Tor, software that allows anonymous communication on the internet, "was used in transmitting classified information".

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