Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Facebook updates Stories with audio, archiving and saved clips

Facebook updates Stories with audio, archiving and saved clips

The first upcoming feature will allow users to save photos and videos to their account in the Facebook cloud. The changes will let you save your photos and videos directly to your account in the Facebook cloud, share voice messages with friends, and archive your favourite Facebook Stories, the report said.

In a briefing with select media houses (including Gadgets Now), Connor Hayes, Director of Product Management, Facebook Stories said that only those photos and videos taken from the Facebook camera can be saved on this platform.

Some of you might feel like this is a way for Facebook to profit over your photos, videos and now, your voice, but Facebook has and still is in the hot water for what happened previously. The length of the voice posts will be limited to 20 seconds and just like regular story posts, they will disappear after 24 hours. There is now no limit for a voice post that is shared to News Feed, but the recording time is restricted by the local storage on the user's device. Facebook has been one place where you get a lot to see.

Facebook is adding an Audio option in the Facebook Camera to share voice messages.

Unfortunately, Facebook is yet to confirm Voice Posts for Stories rollout plans for iOS.

People around the world are using Stories to keep up with their friends throughout the day.

The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online
The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online

The social network has also said that an archive feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks which will let users save the Facebook Stories they want to preserve.

Though the waving of the phone could not be avoided, this new feature will certainly reduce the time of waiting before you can actually start to enjoy your meal.

It means that users don't have to type to upload a voice post, making it easier than ever to upload to Facebook Stories.

Saving Facebook Stories to your smartphone. "You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on", explains Hayes.

That, in and of itself, wouldn't be exciting: both Snapchat and Instagram already offer options for saving Stories so they won't disappear. You can also reshare them as a story or post it on News Feed. Note that only you can see your archived Stories unless you choose to share them to your Stories again or post them on your News Feed.

Facebook is rolling out three new features for Stories. Facebook will also provide a disable Stories Archive option to stop Facebook from saving your old stories.

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