Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

EA And DICE Hint 10 Things About Battlefield 2018

EA And DICE Hint 10 Things About Battlefield 2018

Trevor Noah, a well-known actor, comedian, tv host, and gamer has confirmed on his official Twitter Profile that he will host the reveal of the new Battlefield game. Shortly after Trevor Noah posted his tweet, EA tweeted the image that you see at the top of this article. Hear from DICE team members Oskar Gabrielson, the head of DICE Stockholm, Andreas Morell, senior producer, Lars Gustavsson, creative director, and Daniel Berlin, design director, as they fill you in on their Battlefield V vision.

Although there's no telling exactly what will be shown off during next week's reveal for Battlefield V, it's a safe bet to make that the official unveiling will mostly revolve around a highly polished trailer created to highlight the cleanest-looking visuals developed so far. The popular War Stories mode will also be returning, further suggesting a more historical setting.

After much speculating, we now finally know what to call the next Battlefield game instead of just "Battlefield 2018" because that was a dumb name. However, the next Battlefield happens on another frontline, in which the live reveal will give players the first look at the new setting.

While sources say Battlefield V will take place in World War II, it'd be interesting if the "V" stood for "Vietnam".

Operations, one of the best modes in Battlefield 1, is being teased, and DICE is hoping people will tune to find out if it returns.

"Battlefield will never be the same", the teaser on the official Battlefield site states.

There's also talk of "exciting gameplay changes", but we're not sure what that really means. A single-player campaign will still be implemented into this game. Additionally, EA and DICE noted that players should be prepared for "untold, compelling narratives in a new setting".

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