Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Bethesda keep teasing something for "5-14"

Bethesda keep teasing something for

A trailer for a new Rage game is coming this Monday, apparently. What did you think of the game?

A follow up tweet featured people queuing for Anarchy Bus Tours, which is clearly linked to Rage.

The original Rage, released way back in the distant past of 2011, was a post-apocalyptic FPS that was pretty well-liked/ The short version is that the shooting was great, the aesthetic. maybe not so much. We've reached out to the publisher for comment and shall update you as soon as we get a response.

The madness started with the official RAGE Twitter responding to the Walmart leak with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for where the shoddily thrown together store listing for RAGE 2 went wrong, with what looks to be very distinctive pink scrawling. The first image is of Big Ben, and another image shows a Tokyo street.

The pink colouring would be a mystery though, if it wasn't also used on a tweet that Bethesda used to mock the Walmart leak of Rage 2.

Platforms also aren't mentioned and at the moment of this writing, it's unknown whether we'll know more about them with today's official reveal. In the second image, they depicted a rocket that pointed to the same date through the 5-14 code on its body. Whether that means anything at this point is unclear, but the choice of color between each of these posts is telling. This is the most cryptic of the three images, as it features no immediately discernible details about what Bethesda could be teasing. A tweet consists only of an image of the tower, with bright pink streaks of graffiti across its face.

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