Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Announcing the Lookout app

Announcing the Lookout app

In its statement, Google has advocated sporting the Pixel phone using the program set up at a lanyard around users' necks (or placing it in a lineup) using the camera facing the entire world. It is expected to arrive at Google Play Stores later this year.

Meet Lookout, an Android app being developed by Google that can identify objects around you-from a pair of scissors to an exit sign to a lavender bush-and tell you exactly where they are located.

The app is called Lookout and it Google plans to launch it later this year. The app can also be controlled via bluetooth or work offline. According to the mode activated, the app will process the item it sees and it will share relevant information.

The fourth mode, Experimental, is meant for testing out Lookout features that are still in development. Once the app is open, users can select a mode that best describes the environment they're now in, whether that's being home, at work, in a shopping mall, or in a situation where they need to have text read aloud to them ("scan mode").

If a user selects the Home mode, the Lookout app will provide notifications about the location of the couch, table or dishwasher. In a similar approach, Microsoft created Soundscape to help people navigate cities by providing audio cues and labels. The same works for Work & Play mode, which tells the person when they're close to a stairwell, or elevator. The Experimental mode will enable early access to users. It gives you an idea of where those objects are in relation to you, for example "couch 3 o'clock" means the couch is on your right.

The app doesn't require an internet connection to operate and uses machine learning to learn what people are interested in hearing about.

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