Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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A very bad decision on the Iran deal

A very bad decision on the Iran deal

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani blamed "egotistical and amateurish" President Donald Trump and "Zionists" for pulling out of Obama's deal that lifted sanctions on Iran in the hopes of controlling its nuclear program. After the U.S. tightened economic penalties on Iran in 2012, oil prices jumped as much as 15%, and production in the country fell by about one million barrels per day.

"Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues", Larijani said.

Other signatories like France, Germany and the United Kingdom said they "regret" the decision while the foreign ministry of Russian Federation said it was "deeply disappointed". But if the Islamic Republic feels there's no chance of salvaging the deal, jumpstarting the nuclear program remains within reach. Rouhani himself offered a litany of complaints after Trump's speech about American interference in Iran, dating back to a 1953 CIA-backed coup that overthrew the country's elected prime minister.

Airbus, which is subject to the USA license because it makes at least 10 per cent of its aircraft components in the US, says it will abide by the new USA sanctions but it could take "some time" to determine the full impact on the industry.

The US move was widely condemned by German businesses, whose trade with Iran was worth about $3.4bn in 2017.

"Thus, the market is now forecasting a more contained fall in Iranian crude exports in the range of 300-500,000 bpd - much less than the 1.2 million bpd cuts seen in mid-2013", she said.

Trump is also in a very hard situation at the moment, and he needs some enemy outside to rebuild that trust and unify the country with all this rhetoric of security and terrorism.

He didn't specifically say what the president had allegedly lied about, but challenged him directly, saying: 'You can not do a damn thing!'

"It seems that Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues and the language of force is more effective for this person so that he could face the consequences of his arrogant characteristics", Larijani was quoted as saying. Beach Energy and Woodside's gas contracts will water down the impact of rallying oil prices on their profit. Unemployment and inflation remain high.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran needs to get fully ready for resuming all the country's nuclear activities and take countermeasures, he added.

"We hear that you want to continue the nuclear deal with the three European countries".

"Stay true to your commitments as we will stay true to ours and together with the rest of the global community, we will preserve this nuclear deal".

Even Rouhani, a relatively moderate cleric, has toughened his talk.

Larijani warned that if Iran does not achieve its objectives under JCPOA, Iran will follow its own interests regardless of the commitments to the deal.

"The unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal is a decision that will cause instability and new conflicts".

Under the terms of the nuclear deal, Iran had to agree to reduce its stockpiles of uranium.

Intelligence recently released by Israel provides compelling details about Iran's past secret efforts to develop nuclear weapons. He threatened the Iranian govt. and the Iranian nation, claiming he would do one thing or another. This should include political and legal threats that the EU will consider reviving the EU Blocking Regulation and even impose new penalties against assets of USA companies based in Europe to allow for "claw-back" of unfair and illegal fines imposed on European companies doing business with Iran.

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