Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

WhatsApp will let users re-download deleted images, videos on Android

WhatsApp will let users re-download deleted images, videos on Android

The new feature is now limited to Android version 2.18.113 and is expected to be rolled out to iOS users as well. This feature is not available for iOS users because it is unlikely that users will delete anything from the internal file directory without access. Earlier, WhatsApp stored "undownloaded' media files for 30 days and when a user downloaded them, the app used to delete it from the server". If a user ended up deleting the content from the WhatsApp folder after downloading, there was no option to go back to the conversation and redownload the content after the expiration of the validity.

This means that if you removed any images, GIFs, videos, audio files, audio recordings or even a document from the internal storage of your smartphone, WhatsApp will allow you to re-download them again from its servers.

This feature is part of the latest WhatsApp version 2.18.113, which is still in beta, so make sure that's what you have installed on your phone.

To be clear, only those messages that are still in your chat log will be downloadable again. Gadgets 360 has been able to verify the new feature is now available in the WhatsApp version 2.18.113 on Android. The report claims that all the media files are fully encrypted so there's nothing to worry even if the chat app doesn't delete them from its servers.

The new update will let the user download the image or video even after it has been downloaded earlier. However, the app does not seem to let us download media files that are too old, instead, asking us to send a request to the sender to send the media again.

According to the report, files deleted two months ago could also be downloaded during the testing of the feature. When a media file is downloaded successfully, the app does not delete it from the server. However, it is important to note if you have deleted the message, then there is no way to download the data.

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