Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

This Video Of Derek Jeter Photobombing 2 Girls Is Going Viral

This Video Of Derek Jeter Photobombing 2 Girls Is Going Viral

Before going on a recent road trip, Stanton was hitting just.167 with 20 strikeouts but he lifted his average to.220 on a recent road trip.

Jeter is not happy with the low attendance numbers.

Derek Jeter made sure to basically never get seen doing anything off of the field when he was a player for the New York Yankees.

"One of the qualities of running a first-class organization is honesty, and we have been and we will continue to run this organization, we're going to be transparent and we're going to be honest about it", Jeter said. The Marlins entered Friday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on a three-game losing streak, after being swept by the New York Mets.

"After the first homestand, our turnstile numbers were higher this year than they were last year", Jeter said.

Stanton, who spent the first eight years of his career with the Marlins, had a full no-trade clause, which he used to quash trades to the Cardinals and Giants.

Jeter will thus avoid the prospect of getting ticklish questions about the Marlins' controversial offseason trade of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees and the team's winter teardown. "And reporting paid attendance as the number of tickets sold is the way we're going to report it. The guys are battling and playing hard but we gotta find ways to win more games". "We've played 12 games". I've heard people say Miami's a tough sports town. Obviously he's involved with the Marlins now in a completely different capacity, but I think he's earned the right to step away and not show up for every function here and there that people maybe expect him to be. "We're going to help grow the game of baseball here in South Florida".

Stanton said it would not be uncomfortable seeing Jeter now. We're developing a winning culture.

"I think ingress and egress is an issue that we're addressing", Jeter said.

Reliever Dellin Betances: "I think knowing him, I would have said he wasn't going to be there for the series just because it's a weird situation for him".

If that deprived Stanton of getting used to his new surroundings at Yankee Stadium, his acclimation to NY has also taken place on the fly.

"It would be an awkward situation for me to actually go to Yankee Stadium", Jeter told reporters Friday in Miami, per Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald. No one is happy with the results. So that's why I'm not going.

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