Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

This is the new Gmail design

This is the new Gmail design

The new design includes a new loading screen, inbox layout, addition of smart replies, and much more.

Earlier in the week, we learned that Google has a redesign of the Gmail web interface arrivingfor G Suite and regular users in the coming weeks. The new look, largely inspired by the recent update to its mobile app, will come with more Google Calendar integrations. Users will be able to choose from three different layouts in the future: Compact, Default and Comfortable.

Email snoozing will allow you to dismiss an email to reappear in your inbox at a specified time; useful if you are cleaning your inbox but don't have time to reply right away. This will thus help sort out the emails that lay the utmost importance for a given point of time. That's where features like Google Lens comes in handy.

A Google spokesperson said, "We're working on some major updates to Gmail".

Moreover, Gmail will also allow you to set a deadline for certain emails, which, when reached, will trigger the automatic complete deletion of the chosen emails.

G Suite administrators, who manage the online Google domain, gave some details of the design to 9to5Google.

Google is working on a new Gmail design. This is still Gmail as it is now, but inspired by Google's Material Design language that emphasizes clean and minimalist lines, contrasting against bold graphics.

When the EAP is finally made available it will introduce "a new design for the Gmail web interface, as well as several new features".

The "More Results" button will appear for users across iOS and Android platforms using the Google app. As for recipients, they are expected to receive a link for expiring email which can be viewed by logging into their Gmail account again.

There is still no word on quite when the update will roll out and make its way to the masses, but it seems likely that Google will showcase the changes at its Google I/O developer conference next month.

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