Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Teachers nationwide call for fairer school funding

Teachers nationwide call for fairer school funding

Numerous cellphone videos show 23-year-old Ryan Fish supporting slap-fights in his math class at Montville High School.

The state Department of Children and Families has referred Montville school officials to the state's top prosecutor for failing to report that a substitute teacher allowed students to hit each other in one-on-one fights in his high school math class a year ago.

After an in-depth investigation by the Montville Police Department that started in December 2017, police said they determined that Fish was supervising the fights in the classroom. Police learned of the weird situation after four students came forward and revealed what was actually going on when Fish was a substitute.

"I would let them be teenagers and get their energy out", Fish told Police, during an interview in January. However, upon learning just how much trouble he was in, he appeared remorseful.

He also said he wanted to befriend them and admitted: "The truth is, I'm an idiot". "I feel like it's a cop-out - we have let them win by showing them they can behave however they want, and we'll eventually get exhausted and go home".

"Even though we've been at it, I've been teaching for over 31 years, the bottom line is we're all novices at it and I don't know what the answers are".

"They have poked mama bear one time too many, and mama bear is ready to fight and keep fighting", said Cooper, as another teacher's hand rested on her shoulder as a sign of support.

The high school has been closed for three days in the wake of a gas leak that caused two evacuations in the last week.

The school district also has implemented other security measures such as securing entrances and purchasing Stop the Bleed kits for all classrooms. Eventually the concerns made their way up to the superintendent, who promptly dismissed Fish.

Fish was sacked by superintendent Brian Levesque in October but it was not reported to police or school officials.

Fish was sacked from Montville High School (above) in October.

Whatever happens, a walkout would be a tremendously bad idea, one that undercuts new-found financial support from the taxpayers of the unified school district and undoes the positive feelings teachers now enjoy.

PTU provincial president Ghulam Mustafa Riaz said that he had demanded the secretary education take stern action against the officers found guilty of not implementing promotional packages of teachers. "I think if I were the education establishment, I would be very wary". She was able to be an active participant in the day to day business of the Senate, and did a great job assisting during a tremendously hectic week. "If I had known what I was doing to the kids I would have done something totally different". If they are not, he said schools should send delegates.

"I am so sorry".

Juhola on Friday called it "disturbing" that fights were allowed, and encouraged, in class.

Kailyn thought quickly. There was a tissue box by the door, she said, so she pretended she needed a tissue.

Fish apologized outside court for his behavior after he was released following a written promise to return to court May 8.

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