Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn't answer in U.S. hearing

Questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn't answer in U.S. hearing

Zuckerberg has said Facebook will honor the European regulations and intimated he will apply them worldwide.

The compensation costs include the security provided at Zuckerberg's home and during travel and the expense incurred from his private air travel.

He said Zuckerberg considers Facebook a technology company, but Kennedy said it also has elements of a media and entertainment company.

I'm not suggesting this was the moment when then-President Bush was destined to become ex-President Bush, but his apparent disconnect with the modems of everyday life echoed through the halls of Congress in the (to be charitable) rudimentary questions lobbed at Zuckerberg. The incident wiped off billions from Zuckerberg's wealth while Facebook's stock prices slumped in a week.

If we are going to continue to use Facebook, as users we must also learn how to crackdown on the site and protect ourselves.

Another logical next step would be for Facebook to provide its users with a paid subscription option and thereby allow them to completely opt out of having their personal data packaged and sold for advertising. The former head of the UN's global telecommunications regulator has said governments should "regard the internet as basic infrastructure - just like roads, waste and water".

Kim Cruz Flynn, on The Sun Chronicle's Facebook page, downplayed concerns saying people know what they are getting into when they go on the internet.

When Facebook makes promises, news outlets make bets, and dozens of outlets did just that when Facebook signaled an increase in traffic for video products in 2017.

Nevertheless, she also said that "working with Facebook has certainly got better" in recent years.

Example No. 1: We post a photo of ourselves or a family member or a friend with a birthday greeting.

I remember what a huge hate figure Bill Gates was for most of the time that he actually ran Microsoft, another runaway success story.

Facebook is under fire for a privacy breach affecting more than 87 million users, and regulations affecting all users could be on the way. It could elect to turn off location tracking of users by default, to stop collecting information on people's activity away from Facebook without express permission, and to give people even more information that shows how advertisers target them for each Facebook ad they see. That's because virtually no one reads those impossibly lengthy and unintelligible user agreements you must accept before accessing a particular service. Apparently Facebook doesn't read the "terms for use" either. McNamee saw this in 2016 with both the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom and the American Presidential election and concluded that Facebook does, indeed, give "asymmetric advantage" to negative messages. Most of the Luddites posing questions to Zuckerberg clearly could not fathom the depth of the answers required and why a single "yes" or "no" were not always possible. In other words, we will have to live with the animal we don't like!

The wholesale, planet-wide exploitation of personal data has dark implications, Tufekci said: "We could enter into a phase of "surveillance authoritarianism, ' where we don't face (George Orwell's) '1984" model, where there's open totalitarianism, where we're dragged off in the middle of the night". An easy start would be to adopt the EU's GDPR rules in the US. In the end, despite Zuckerberg's protests, Facebook feels like it pretty much has the monopoly. Zuckerberg stopped well short of that, but expressed willingness to work with Senators on legislation.

In my view as a scholar of law and ethics in the technology industry, Facebook - and other leading tech firms such as Google and Twitter - should join nations around the world and declare that privacy and cybersecurity are human rights that must be respected.

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