Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Philadelphia DA Agrees Meek Mill Should Get a New Trial

Philadelphia DA Agrees Meek Mill Should Get a New Trial

The judge in the case reportedly wouldn't discuss the possibility of bail.

Meek's ultimate fate still rests with Judge Genece Brinkley-the judge who sentenced Meek Mill to serve 2-4 years in prison for probation violation in November 2017. In its second filing for Brinkley's dismissal from the case, the team claimed that Brinkley "exceeded the judicial role" and took an "unusual interest" in Meek Mill's career.

Philadelphia's District Attorney Office announced Monday that it supported granting rapper Mill a new trial, as a small crowd of supporters gathered in the rain outside of the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia cheered. That means Meek would sit in prison until least. The Philadelphia-born Mill was sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for violating probation on a roughly decade-old gun and drug case. "Due to questions about the credibility of [Mill's] arresting officer", reports that Mill's controversial conviction on drug and weapons charges should be vacated.

Correction: The statement was made by Assistant District Attorney Liam Riley. In the meantime, his team plans to also file for his immediate release. Brian McMonagle said his team was "elated" by the D.A.'s office decision to support their argument that the arrest was questionable, and that Judge Brinkley's decision not to would be a "reprehensible crime".

20KThe fight to free Meek Mill continues.

In a written statement sent to HipHopDX, Tacopina provided some further insight into today's proceedings.

TMZ reported that if the Philadelphia District Attorney office's wishes are granted, Mill's 2008 conviction would be thrown out.

"They obviously have recognized and determined the criminal behavior of the arresting officer, which dates back prior to Meek's arrest", he said. "We will apply for emergency relief with the Supreme Court immediately, and are sure that this travesty of justice will be rectified soon".

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