Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
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New 'DOOM' Movie Reportedly in the Works

New 'DOOM' Movie Reportedly in the Works

One tweet to a fan promises that this new flick has "a much better script". 2016 witnessed a reboot of the video game franchise, and the reception was highly positive. Maybe we can take all these lessons we've learned and use them to take a second attempt at a previous movie.

It looks like Universal Pictures is indeed working on bringing a new film adaptation of the franchise to light. She also hinted that a director was attached to the project and in a later tweet stated that it was someone with experience doing "crazy cool female characters". Nevertheless, if this new movie can learn from the mistakes made by the last movie (which shouldn't be too difficult), then at bare minimum it could be a fun blockbuster and earn a critical reception closer to the likes of Rampage and the new Tomb Raider. Naturally, this came as a surprise since no one knew another Doom movie was on the table. If you're not familiar with that branch of Universal, I can guarantee you're probably familiar with their work. That means the film may be direct-to-DVD, or it could possibly appear on a digital platform like Netflix. Lately, they've worked on elongated sequels to Tremors and Death Race, none of which most people bothered to ever see.

The video game series has sold more than 10 million copies to date.

Alright, Hollywood - let's try this Doom thing again...

We are far away from having any kind of official release date for this new Doom film.

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