Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Mother Arrested After 2-Year-Old Tests Positive For Meth

Mother Arrested After 2-Year-Old Tests Positive For Meth

She was jailed under a $30,000 bond and told police she had a history of drug use including heroin and opioid pills, according to KTVQ. Wakulla County Sheriff's Office in their report wrote, "People "joked" about the child's ability to roll joints (for Ecker)".

Ecker told police she shared a bedroom with her child and admitted she had smoked marijuana and methamphetamine, but said she never did drugs in the presence of her child and her child had never been exposed to drugs.

Just a few days later, police executed a search warrant and confiscated glass pipes consistent with smoking meth from her residence in addition to marijuana paraphernalia.

The laundry room cabinet at the YMCA Learning Center in Missoula, Mont., had been outfitted with a battery-powered light, makeshift curtains, shelves, an air filter, eye hooks to lock the doors from the inside - and a small glitter case containing snort tubes, lighters, a glass pipe and a vial of methamphetamine, police say.

Kaitlyn Ecker was then placed under arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police even found a plastic bag containing marijuana residue located within a basket containing children's toys.

The report found that the toddler tested positive for "chronic" use of both methamphetamine and amphetamine. The tests concluded it likely wasn't a one-time event, either.

That led them to conduct toxicology tests on both Ecker and the 2-year-old child, who was not identified by name by police.

When investigators questioned Ecker she accepted to smoking marijuana and meth but denied doing so in front of her child. She further denied giving her child any meth or marijuana. The report noted that the Wakulla County Sheriff's Department had been investigating the mother for several months after they toddler had been given drugs.

The employee reportedly said she saw Autumn Heinz, 30, hiding behind a cabinet in the laundry room with what appeared to be a meth pipe nearby.

It is unclear if Ecker is the child's mother.

According to KRTV, Heinz was interviewed by police where she admitted to constructing the area underneath the cabinet for her breaks.

"During that time neither parent took the child to immediate emergency care".

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