Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Leaked Apple memo: 12 employees were arrested previous year for leaking secrets

Leaked Apple memo: 12 employees were arrested previous year for leaking secrets

A report indicated last month that Apple was planning a new gold color of the iPhone X as an effort to restore sales of the flagship.

Apple warned its employees against leaking to the media on Friday, Bloomberg reported.

The impact of a leak goes beyond the people who work on a particular project - it's felt throughout the company.

The report mentions instances in the past where information was leaked to journalists and how that could give its competition a lead time to take corrective measures in their product portfolio so as to compete with Apple. A memo meant for Apple employees' eyes only revealed that 29 leakers were caught previous year by Apple.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, a gold iPhone X appears to have arrived at the FCC office.

And in a recording of an internal briefing obtained by The Outline past year, an Apple VP is heard saying, "I have faith deep in my soul that if we hire smart people they're gonna think about this, they're gonna understand this, and ultimately they're gonna do the right thing, and that's to keep their mouth shut".

Based on historical data and also from their sources who are former Apple employees, the note from the analysts to investors reads, "once Apple establishes a price band it typically keeps it, consistent with what we've heard from former Apple employees". These programs have almost eliminated the theft of prototypes and products from factories, caught leakers and prevented many others from leaking in the first place. Apple's Global Security team employs investigators who have previously worked in the US military, USA intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency, and law enforcement agencies like the Secret Service and the F.B.I. "And they're getting caught faster than ever".

"Apple has also been quick to point out this will not affect people's ability to play downloaded music on any of the company's devices, and all tracks previously bought through iTunes, and users' current iTunes libraries, will still be fully playable".

In another incident, an employee was arrested and fired just days after he leaked the final and unreleased version of iOS. "12 of those were arrested", says the terror missive from Cupertino, ironically leaked to Bloomberg. The company has raised the spectre of potential action and criminal charges. "The best way to honor those contributions is by not leaking", added the memo.

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