Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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India placed 3rd with 66 medals at 21st Commonwealth Games

India placed 3rd with 66 medals at 21st Commonwealth Games

They made a decision not to have athletes enter the Stadium.

Beattie also conceded speeches went for too long.

Channel Seven's Johanna Griggs, who was co-hosting the ceremonies, ripped the organizers' decision while on-camera. We've never seen a stadium as empty as this. The pre-show meant that it would only be shown on the big screens within the stadium.

"As a direct historical comparison, without the Para-sport events that have been added at recent Games, it is the worst Commonwealth Games performance of any England team in track and field". Considering the way the 2018 Commonwealth Games (CWG 2018) were dominated by Australia - which ended with 198 medals - four less than the combined tally of the next two (England 136 and India 66), the question will continue to be asked in the near future.

Singer Guy Sebastian performs during the closing ceremony. Beattie said he planned to apologize to Fearnley. "We got that wrong", he tweeted on Monday.

The part of the closing ceremony that organisers chose to broadcast included performances from local musicians including Amy Shark, Guy Sebastian, Yothu Yindi, Kate Cebrano and Dami Im. "Unfortunately tonight, the organizing committee, together with the host broadcasters, just didn't get it right".

Wheelchair racing gold medallist Kurt Fearnley carried the flag for the Aussies on Sunday night, after finishing his career with a gold medal in the marathon, but audiences at home didn't see him lead the team out. The ceremony was also criticised for "self indulgent" speeches by dignitaries.

"I think either way they were going to do it, there was going to be quite a bit of standing around", he told Channel 7.

Numerous athletes including Usain Bolt also departed the stadium early before the ceremony ended.

Established stars such as wrestler (and closing ceremony flag-bearer) Erica Wiebe of Stittsville, Ont., and swimmer Kylie Masse of LaSalle, Ont., got to see where they stand at the midway point between Olympics, but the Gold Coast Games were also about who's next.

Simmone Bernetzke said she was completely surprised when a friend told her the athletes arriving to the stadium was not shown on screen.

Said a satisfied Riddin: "This medal from one of our Seals swimmers was the first medal I managed to witness live in my 40 years of coaching at this level of competition".

"I was one of hundreds of dancers and we had the most exhilarating experience and I'm gutted that Australia missed out on it", she said. "Again, we got that wrong". "You want to see them jumping in front of camera", Griggs continued. The intensity that you take into training when you know you've got to compete for this country.

"The crew that were responsible for creating the ceremonies did a phenomenal job".

"I love cricket more than I love athletics but the fact that I could not see the ball made it hard for me to play the sport".

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