Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
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Full Text: British Prime Minister May on military strike against Syria

Full Text: British Prime Minister May on military strike against Syria

"The chemical weapons attack that took place on Saturday in Douma in Syria was a shocking and barbaric act", May told reporters yesterday. Smoke could be seen rising from the northern and eastern edges of the capital. These are not the actions of a man.

"Strikes by US, France and United Kingdom make it clear that Syrian regime together with Russia & Iran can not continue this human tragedy, at least not without cost", he wrote on Twitter.

She also warned Russian Federation that the airstrikes should act as a warning over its use of chemical weapons. There were no reports of any allied losses during the strikes.

As Britain edges closer to joint action with the USA over chemical weapons in Syria, the crisis leads most papers on Thursday.

Trump also warned Russian Federation and Iran not to stand by their ally in Damascus. "It would provoke a retaliation operation by government forces and the White Helmets were to use it to stage a provocation with an alleged use of chemical weapons", he said.

Russian Federation must decide if it will continue down this dark path, or if it will join with civilized nations as a force for stability and peace.

"This is the first time as prime minister that I have had to take the decision to commit our armed forces in combat - and it is not a decision I have taken lightly", she said.

For the UK's part four RAF Tornado GR 4's launched storm shadow missiles at a military facility some 15 miles west of Homs, where the regime is assessed to keep chemical weapons in breach of Syria's obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Any potential strike against Syria could be carried out by extensive US and United Kingdom military assets already in the region, including two US Navy destroyers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised - either within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

Moscow denied its ally Assad had any role in the outrage, pushing a variety of alternative theories that peaked with a claim that Britain had staged the event.

"Saudi Arabia fully supports the strikes against Syria because they represent a response to the regime´s crimes", a foreign ministry statement said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Rossiya 1 TV channel that the U.S. strikes on Syria were a blatant and brazen violation of worldwide law, which deter the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

In 2013, President Putin and his government promised the world that they would guarantee the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons.

UN CHIEF URGES RESTRAINT: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all states "to show restraint in these risky circumstances and to avoid any acts that could escalate matters and worsen the suffering of the Syrian people".

The war plans of British leaders have been complicated in recent years by the memory of Britain's 2003 decision to invade Iraq after asserting - wrongly, as it later turned out - that President Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

"The Prime Minister said it was a further example of the erosion of global law in relation to the use of chemical weapons, which was deeply concerning to us all".

After meeting for more than two hours, the Cabinet backed May's plan to work with the USA and France "to coordinate an global response".

Mattis had reportedly been arguing for a cautious response that would minimise the risk of the United States being dragged deeper into Syria´s civil war. We have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region, including contributing large amounts of money for the resources, equipment, and all of the anti-ISIS effort.

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