Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Did The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Introduce a New Villain?

Did The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Introduce a New Villain?

Or, we could be looking at a soft reboot where Rick - and Negan - take Carl's goodbye letters to heart and attempt to form a new community together; as impossible as that may seem.

"We are worse than we were", Morgan (Lennie James) told Rick near the finale's outset, a reference to their lost humanity, but also a fair description of where the show stands - commercially as well as creatively - compared to its dizzying apex. Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the tiresome end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them. Gabriel and Dwight both rush Negan. Besides that, the character of Madison bears no resemblance to Alpha in the comics and it's unlikely that things have changed that much in the time jump.

Saying he was wrong about Negan, she added, "We have to build this place up, make it work better than before". Oh, and the Oceanside people showed up and helped out, but only for like...5 seconds. From a ratings standpoint, yes, the answer was clear enough-but were there really that many unique stories to tell in this apocalyptic world. and enough faded flannel shirts to costume everyone required to tell them? This is a good thing for Morgan, as his story in "The Walking Dead" doesn't seem to be over just yet, despite the move.

The shocking scene came after Maggie pleaded with Rick to execute a defeated Negan, who Rick had chosen to keep alive and imprison, using the villain as "evidence we're making a civilization".

Rick, of course, wasted his last bullets firing on Negan from a distance. The moment when Maggie, Daryl, and Jesus (OF ALL PEOPLE!) decided that Rick and Michonne were wrong to make the call about sparing Negan.

After the Saviors lined up to attack Team Rick, they fired and instantly fell to the ground.

Morgan's still not right: Somehow the sight of former Savior prisoners coming back to the Hilltop from a zombie-killing run got Morgan so worked up that he almost put his bo staff through young Henry's neck. Eugene comes running at him with a gun. But if you, like Maggie, wanted him dead, you're not going to be happy.

The Walking Dead season 8, episode 16, "Wrath," brought the end of the war against the Saviors - here's what went down! Morgan wants to just finish this. Jadis revealed that her real name is Anne. They load him into the vehicle.

Rick hasn't been the greatest leader, it's true, but if Gimple and company think the way to win back fans is a survivor mutiny I think there's trouble ahead for more people than Rick. But only time will tell if Maggie will feel the same in the future. Between laughter and the occasional typical TWD tears that fans usually cry, the Season 8 finale turned #SurvivorSunday into #WTFSunday in less than 75 minutes. But rather than killing him, Daryl gave him the keys to a truck and told him to go away and never come back, but to "find her;" that is, his wife Sherry, who's out there somewhere. Can Negan somehow stay alive?

If that's the case, then the Whisperers could be exactly what The Walking Dead needs to get back on top.

We last see Negan in bed at Hilltop with a bandage around his freshly stitched throat, as Rick and Michonne explain the unique role he'll play in building the future of their "new world". There was one brief shining second when we thought that perhaps he'd been put out of our misery, but the TV team made a decision to keep to the comic books and lock him away as a symbol of how not to build a new civilization.

The Rick-Negan "All-Out War" finally ended on Sunday's The Walking Dead season 8 finale as Rick sliced Negan's throat, but then spared his life so that Negan could "rot in a cell" and "see how wrong you were about what people can be - about what life can be".

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