Published: Tue, April 24, 2018
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Daybreak Games Announces PlayStation 4 H1Z1 Open Beta

Daybreak Games Announces PlayStation 4 H1Z1 Open Beta

It all sounds great in theory and just might be what Daybreak Games needs to return to their once pride and glory, but it seems only PS4 players will get the chance to play this new version of the formerly dominant battle royale game.

In early March the game became free to play in order to entice more players back, and the innagural H1Z1 Pro League launched in Las Vegas in April 2018, with fifteen fairly high profile organizations taking part in the franchise competition. It might not have things like building, but that's not the focus, Daybreak want's H1Z1 to present itself on console as pure battle royal without any of the clutter. Most notably, gas pacing has been changed to speed up the speed of play, and airdrops have been revamped to occur with a frequency that will encourage players to keep moving, and engaging in firefights.

The console version is specifically designed around how console players are used to playing shooters.

Some of the major changes to the PS4 version of the game include the removal of the crafting system, simplified looting, and a revamped HUD, all in service of making H1Z1 a more streamlined and straightforward experience. Now, players will have to engage with airdrops - which drop in masses and frequently - if they want access to better weapons and gear. Not a fan of risking an airdrop?

For those not looking forward to fighting over airdrops, the game will also have special crates hidden around the map (on the ground) that contain high-level weapons and armour.

The control scheme and user interface have been overhauled for console so players will find it more accessible to play.

But H1Z1 is not technically new, as on PC it predates both games. An Open Beta will be available soon and showcase just how dedicated Daybreak is to having a seriously good time in the field of battle royal.

From now until the open beta launch on May 22, you can pre-order a $30 bundle that comes with guaranteed cosmetic items and a dynamic PS4 theme. On top of that, those with an active PlayStation Plus membership will receive 20% off their pre-order.

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