Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Colorado teachers to rally at Capitol for school funding

Colorado teachers to rally at Capitol for school funding

In a New York Times article declaring the Oklahoma strike over, AFT President Randi Weingarten expressed hope that teachers' anger could be diverted behind a campaign to elect Democrats in the 2018 elections.

Evans said students understood Hardin County Schools sent a group of teachers to lobby lawmakers who returned Friday for the final days of this legislative session. Student living and learning conditions are central to the work teachers do. "We have to change and try something different", she said of teachers choosing to run for office themselves. Teachers are marching because elements in the Colorado legislature are intentionally undermining public education.

The strike ends amid a wave of teacher protests inspired by pay and school funding that have rocked several red states this year, beginning in West Virginia, where teachers won a $2,000 raise from lawmakers. Besides more funding for schools, it's opposing proposed changes to the pension system for teachers and other public employees. The city has no authority over education, but the city expended some time and money studying the possibility of a city school system but determined it was not feasible.

"I'm blown away about the support you have shown, " he added. This is my 16th year of teaching third grade at St. Bernadette. "Especially because we are their students and we want to show them that we love them". Last night when Alicia Priest announced that OEA was dropping us and trying to push us out of this walkout, all I could think about was going back into my classroom and facing those 42 eyes and saying, 'You're not worth it.' Because they are worth it.

What brought the walkout to a close for Bartlesville teachers were the realizations early last week that no progress was being made at the Capitol and consequences for students and families were beginning to compound.

Colorado teachers to rally at Capitol for school funding
Colorado teachers to rally at Capitol for school funding

Mr Biddle said: "Being part of a school with reading at its heart is absolutely fundamental to what I believe in as a teacher. But that also means that we need to go to the ballot box and there need to be a ballot initiative where the people of colorado can vote on some of these issues that teachers face every day". At 10 a.m. CEA members will start meeting with their elected senators and representatives.

"Anyone paying attention to the matter knows Ed Richardson has a personal issue with AEA", AEA President Sherry Tucker said in a statement.

To the applause of teachers, Morejon stated, "Teachers started this and we are not ending it until teachers say so". Teachers shouted their support for the call to reach out to teachers in Kentucky, Arizona and other states and prepare a general strike by educators and all workers and a political struggle against the Democrats and Republicans.

Any increase in education funding would need to come from other programs, since the state can not increase taxes without a public referendum. "We spend more and more of our own money to do things", Poudre School District teacher Charlie McNamee told KDVR. "This is something for which the whole community and all those who support the school can be proud". They want to have their voices heard, but they don't want to disrupt school.

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