Published: Sat, April 21, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Beyonce's 2nd Coachella Performance Won't Be Streamed

Beyonce's 2nd Coachella Performance Won't Be Streamed

"Yeah, we're switching up a couple things, so there could still be a wow factor", teased Jo'Artis Mijo Ratti to Variety this week. While the first performance was livestreamed, YouTube confirmed with Variety that this second one won't be. "You can always tell when someone is prepared".

And thankfully for us it includes brands that we can get our hands on right away with affordable price tags, and not have to take a loan out just to afford a new lipstick. "We did like 10-to-14 hour days".

While this weekend's performance won't be streamed on YouTube, the BeyHive is keeping hope alive that maybe we can watch it via TIDAL. But rules don't really apply to Beyoncé, and it's hard to imagine her not putting on a slightly different sort of spectacle than the first one.

As for Beyoncé herself, Ratti says that she was "like an auntie" during the whole rehearsal process.

This kind of stuff was peppered throughout, both in full-on interludes to songs like "Swag Surfin" and in weaving hits like "Back That Azz Up" and "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" into her own tracks.

Beyoncé broke the mold with her Coachella performance, which was televised and experienced from all corners of the globe, causing freak outs among fans, non-fans and every person with a pair of eyes and a functioning social media account. It made me do even better because I understand that she's a real artist.

Beyoncé's first HBCU-inspired Coachella set broke the internet and also broke YouTube's live stream record, with almost 500,000 fans watching at its peak.

If you're still reeling from Beyoncé's flawless Coachella performance, hold up.

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