Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Andrea Constand, mother testify at Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial

Andrea Constand, mother testify at Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial

Ms Constand is one of about 50 women to have accused Cosby of assault dating back as far as 1965; however, her case is the only one recent enough to satisfy statute of limitations.

Cosby's lead attorney, Tom Mesereau, concluded his initial cross-examination by asking Constand: "Did you ever fabricate a scheme to falsely accuse him for money?"

Picking up where he left off Friday, Mesereau questioned Constand about inconsistencies in her police statements and prior testimony.

Andrea Constand was calm and composed throughout her more than eight hours of testimony, opposite of her mother.

On Monday, the defence lawyer suggested Ms Constand broke her 2006 confidential settlement agreement with Mr Cosby by agreeing to co-operate with law enforcement in the reopened criminal case.

Constand said she didn't remember taking a required sexual assault and harassment training seminar when she started working at Temple, or another one on avoiding conflicts of interest, such as fraternizing with board trustees. "This isn't about money".

4 5, Constand, testified last week which Cosby sexually assaulted and knocked out her with pills.

She told jurors that she was concerned because her daughter hadn't been the same since leaving Temple in March 2004 and moving back to Canada, screaming in her sleep and waking up in a sweat.

She says Cosby told her he gave Andrea Constand a prescription drug but didn't give her the name.

"He explained me, 'Do not worry, Mother, there was no penile penetration, '" Gianna said. But Constand's mobile phone data reveal that month, she'd not create any forecasts on the mansion of Cosby.

On cross examination the defense asked if Andrea's demeanor was due to her having financial troubles at Temple, and other issues not related to Cosby.

The defense attempted to poke holes in Constand's allegations by questioning her about the almost 70 phone calls she made to Cosby after the alleged assault, her involvement in a "pyramid scheme" at Temple and her sexual assault and conflict-of-interest training as a university employee, among other things.

On Monday, the defence tried to cast Constand as an opportunist who baited Cosby by feigning romantic interest in him.

The defense said Constand spent late nights at the comedian's home, drove four hours to see him at a casino and called him twice on Valentine's Day, about a month after the alleged assault.

Among the "prior bad acts" witnesses was TV star and supermodel Janice Dickinson, who testified Thursday that she confronted Cosby and wanted to strike him after she said he drugged her and raped her in 1982 at a hotel in Lake Tahoe.

Phone records show the former director of women's basketball operations at Temple University made brief calls to Cosby around the time of a Temple home game on February 14, 2004.

On redirect, prosecutor Kevin Steele asked Gianna Constand whether the defense had even bothered to ask about the incident and the phone call she made to Cosby where she said he admitted the alleged assault to her.

Ms Jackson, who worked at Temple University at around the same time as Ms Constand, will testify that ahead of Ms Constand's allegations against Cosby in 2005, the accuser had mused to her about setting up a "high-profile person" and filing a suit. On Friday, Mesereau showed several inconsistencies in Constand's testimony to the prosecution compared with what she'd said to police and in a deposition from years earlier.

A judge blocked Jackson from testifying at last year's trial after Constand took the stand and denied knowing her.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steve T. O'Neill has not yet ruled whether he would allow Jackson to testify.

The judge has ruled that Jackson can take the stand at the retrial but indicated he could revisit the issue after Constand was finished testifying.

Defence lawyers had similarly attacked her credibility in June when the first trial on these charges against Cosby ended in a mistrial after jurors became deadlocked.

The District Attorney's office continued with its strategy to draw parallels between the allegations of Cosby's other accusers, who testified last week, and Constand's.

Cosby, 80, faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each punishable by 10 years in prison.

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