Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

Although cleared of bias, questions remain for Burlington School Board

Although cleared of bias, questions remain for Burlington School Board

During a recent school board meeting a report was discussed concerning open enrollment and the fact a total of over 400 kids living in the Faribault Public School District go to another school.

A community meeting addressing strategic planning was scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, at 5:30 p.m., in the high school library.

Such a model would have advantages, the district says, by allowing more collaboration between teachers as well as increased transportation flexibility. LISD is heading into a budget crunch in the next few years, and board members have often grumbled about declining state revenue as the cause, and now it will face recapture penalties a year early after an unexpected drop in enrollment. The finalists for Nelson County Schools superintendent are Hamby, superintendent of Trigg County Schools; Wes Bradley, principal of Thomas Nelson High School, and Chuck Abell, assistant superintendent of Spencer County Schools.

Superintendent Christopher Marchese reiterated his concerns about a plan that would reduce the square footage per student too much because it would make the building too tight.

In late March, the school board placed Dahman on leave without public explanation. I think that's something we need to do with the faculty at Monroe. Donnelly also has a background in teaching students with disabilities, Heinz said. "We both had about a month to take the information in", Stopinski said.

"It's our effort to get some of our high school kids back in classes", said Superintendent of Schools Linda Goewey.

In December, parents objected to a proposal that would have had special education students start middle school one year early.

Marchese pointed out that the plans now under consideration were scaled back from what was recommended by the district's Facilities Input Group that spent 16 months analyzing the district's facilities needs. District officials said this is mainly due to right-sizing costs for the district and retirements in the maintenance and facility departments.

"At $127 million, you're going to be (raising taxes) at the Act 1 Index.for the next seven years", Auerbach said.

As the board members took their turns stating the level of spending that they supported, the $127 million spending range emerged as the favored level, with Wolff, Wood, Billig, Engel, and Lisi all saying that they felt that that was the level necessary for the project of the scope that the district needs. Among them, Porter and Fuller were described in the report as the only two who had said they had first-hand conversations in which Wick allegedly made racially biased comments.

Elkington explained the SRO's duties, which include: overseeing improvements to each school's safety plan; assisting staff and student safety training and practice drills; helping to identify potential building and grounds safety improvements (such as making entryways more secure, Elkington said); being the point person in case of an emergency and having knowledge of each building, keys, and awareness of security protocols; being the first safety officer on the scene in an emergency; and stopping a perpetrator planning or in progress of doing harm.

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