Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Xbox One to get FreeSync support

Xbox One to get FreeSync support

Microsoft has been supporting Xbox One by introducing new features and now Microsoft has revealed another feature coming to Xbox One X and Xbox One S and that is FreeSync Display support.

This is good news for players because the future Xbox One X and Xbox One S updates will allow the monitors' refresh rates to display a very smooth image, without tearing, for example.

We already know the Xbox will receive a big software update in the coming weeks, including 1440p support for the Xbox One X. Among the other new features coming are AMD Freesync support for enabled monitors and low-latency mode support for compatible TVs. The generation of content is not limited by computing power, space or even bandwidth so much as the human capital that's expended in creating it. Pairing this with the support for 1440p resolution means Xbox gamers will be able to take full advantage of their gaming monitor. This will allow compatible TVs, available later this year, to recognize when a game is being played and turn on game mode, or low latency mode to optimize gaming.

Not only will the Xbox One support this, but it will be able to activate a TV's low latency mode only when a game is actually running.

In addition to FreeSync compatibility, Microsoft also announced that its two latest consoles will also be compatible with the Auto Low Latency mode offered on some upcoming TVs, including the aforementioned Samsung TVs. When watching a movie or other video, the TV will use some of its video processing options, but will automatically disable that functionality when you're playing a game for a better gaming experience.

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