Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Watch Tommy Wiseau 'Audition' to Play The Joker

Watch Tommy Wiseau 'Audition' to Play The Joker

One person we know won't be taking on the role, should a deal with Phoenix not be worked out, is The Room writer, director, producer, and star Tommy Wiseau.

With rumors swirling about who will play the Joker in a standalone film, Wiseau said last month he wants to be the one who says, "Oh hai, Batman". In the over the top style he is known for, Wiseau delivers lines of dialogue made famous by the characters appearance in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and Tim Burton's Batman. Wiseau even attempts to create his own Joker laugh, but it sounds a lot like his own, which James Franco performed so frequently in The Disaster Artist, the recent film about the making of the Room, for which Franco won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Wiseau. The pair use the audition to reenact the scene where The Joker talks about how they're destined to do it forever.

Even more fascinating is how Wiseau dives into how The Disaster Artist might have been different if he had directed it himself. Wiseau has made his way to the stage (and only the stage) at the Emmys, he's starring in a sci-fi romance flick, and he has a two-part movie with his The Room co-star and former roommate Greg Sestero on the horizon.

Wiseau will next be seen alongside Sestero in the film "Best F (r) iends", and even released a trailer for another film called "Scary Love". Do you think he would make a good Mr J?

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