Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Valve adds optional 'Plus' paid subscription to free-to-play Dota 2

Valve adds optional 'Plus' paid subscription to free-to-play Dota 2

A new subscription service called Dota Plus has been recently revealed for the free to play PC game Dota 2, an evolution of the previously available Battle Pass granting several perks. There is a six percent and 12 percent discount if the subscription is purchased in bulk for six and 12 months respectively.

The new update for Dota 2 has included something of a surprise for players, with the introduction of Dota Plus.

This reimagining of the Majors Battle Pass will be an ongoing, uninterrupted service filled with features that provide both progression and opportunities for improvement. Dota Plus will be adding hundreds of challenges for each individual heroes which are going to be specific for each.

The collective knowledge of the Dota community is vast, and every day, in millions of games played around the world, it grows. It'll include hero levelling, which will allow players to make progress as well as helping them improve, by earning Shards, a new form of currency that can be used to unlock rewards.

That is all standard fare of a subscription within a free to play game, but where things get odd are with the addition of "Plus Assistant". While the subscription is still brand new, features like the Plus Assistant already have some players questioning whether the feature borders on pay-to-win territory.

The Plus Assistant will also suggest which ability to select at each level. There is a Post-Game Analytics feature as well that will "compare your performance for a given metric over the course of the game to what the average performance is at a given skill bracket". Teammates of Dota Plus subscribers will also be able to see lane strategy suggestions that help create plans for how players will go about their laning phases.

And while the scheduling is gone, some seasonal flavor will remain: Dota Plus subscribers will get "Seasonal Terrain" visual elements on the map that will be active during each season.

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